Citizens United
Actions in Washington State

Articles in this section discuss campaign finance issues and state legislation concerning campaign finance.

WA PDLs at Risk
​In the Citizens United decision, the Supreme Court indicated that it would uphold the Federal Election Commission (FEC) disclosure laws; but since then, Congress has not acted on any new disclosure bills nor has FEC fully enforced the existing laws. This article discusses a challenge against Washington State Public Disclosure Laws in the aftermath of the Initiative 522 campaign, based on the Citizens United ruling, which could lead to the dismantling of the Washington State public disclosure.

Protecting WA's PDLs
This article discusses how to ensure a level playing field and prevent corruption or the appearance of corruption in the electoral processes in Washington State by protecting and strengthening the integrity of Washington State Public Disclosure Laws.

Role of Wealth in WA Politics
This article documents five examples of how individual wealth has played a role in getting initiatives and/or referendums on the ballot in Washington State. Though not a result of the Citizens United decision, these illustrations of money affecting politics are pertinent to the discussion. 

Washington Campaign Finance Legislation Since CU
This article documents legislation introduced in the Washington State Legislature since 2010 to address campaign finance reform, transparency and disclosure. 
The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that the methods of financing political campaigns should ensure the public’s right to know, combat corruption and undue influence, enable candidates to compete more equitably for public office and allow maximum citizen participation in the political process (1974, 1982). Both LWVUS and many state Leagues consistently support public financing of elections. 

WA Constitution Amendment Initiatives
​This article documents the efforts of local organizations working together to make Washington the seventeenth state to call for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would limit and control money in politics.

WA Public Campaign Financing
This article provides an inventory of local and state legislature in support of
public financing of elections in Washington State to address concerns regarding money in politics since the Citizens United decision. 


Historical Background
​        Introduction to CU V FEC
        Powell Memorandum    
​        The Path
​        The View From 2015                 

Key Aspects of Citizens United
        Wake Up Call
        Citizen Disillusionment
        Protections of the First Amendment Rights

Impact of Money in Politics
        Campaign Spending and Voter Behavior
        Campaign Contributions and Policy Making
        David and Goliath
        Contributions Help Access to Officials

Regulatory Agencies
        Federal Election Commission (FEC)
        Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
        Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
        Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

National Action and Responses
        American Anti-Corruption Act
        Federal Campaign Finance Legislation Since CU
        Federal Public Campaign Funding Efforts
        LWV Updated Campaign Finance Positions
        LWV Work on Campaign Finance Reform                       

Actions in Washington State
        PDLs at Risk
        Protecting WAs PDLs
        Role of Wealth in WA Politics
        Washington Campaign Finance Legislation Since CU
        WA Constitution Amendment Initiatives   
        WA Public Campaign Financing

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