Citizens United
Key Aspects
Citizens United v. FEC Decision

This section provides articles discussing how the ruling affects corporate freedoms and the rights of individual citizens, as well as the amounts, types, sources and disclosure of money spent in our political process.

Wake Up Call
This article describes how the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United was a wake-up call to look closely at how big money in politics is affecting government policy making. 

Citizen Disillusionment
This article reports examples of civil disobedience used to express dismay and anger over the influence of money in politics. Some poll results show the opinion of Americans about campaign financing since the 2010 Citizens United ruling. 

Protections of the First Amendment
 The 2010 CITIZENS UNITED v FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION decision struck down most of the campaign finance legislation passed in the past 100 years. This articlee lists the changes in the interpretation of the First Amendment that the Court’s ruling instituted. 


Historical Background
​        Introduction to CU V FEC
        Powell Memorandum    
​        The Path
​        The View From 2015                 

Key Aspects of Citizens United
        Wake Up Call
        Citizen Disillusionment
        Protections of the First Amendment Rights

Impact of Money in Politics
        Campaign Spending and Voter Behavior
        Campaign Contributions and Policy Making
        David and Goliath
        Contributions Help Access to Officials

Regulatory Agencies
        Federal Election Commission (FEC)
        Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
        Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
        Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

National Action and Responses
        American Anti-Corruption Act
        Federal Campaign Finance Legislation Since CU
        Federal Public Campaign Funding Efforts
        LWV Updated Campaign Finance Positions
        LWV Work on Campaign Finance Reform                       

Actions in Washington State
        PDLs at Risk
        Protecting WAs PDLs
        Role of Wealth in WA Politics
        Washington Campaign Finance Legislation Since CU
        WA Constitution Amendment Initiatives   
        WA Public Campaign Financing

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        Democracy in the Balance (PowerPoint)
        Money in Politics and the Aftermath of CU (PowerPoint)